This new national study by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship explores Canadian democracy through the eyes of more than 2,300 of Canada's newest citizens. Here's what they had to say.

Want to know what's happening on the hill? Type your postal code or an issue you care about into the search bar at to keep tabs on what your parliamentarians are up to in Ottawa. Open Parliament makes it simple. 


These days, elections are won and lost on social media. compiles the tweets of all your favourite candidates, so you don't have to sift through your Twitter feed to know what's happening on the campaign trail.


New to Canada? Head on over to to find out about Canada's different levels of government and how to vote in the upcoming election. 


Head on over to the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples to find out how to vote, why to vote and what the three major parties are saying this election. While you're there you can take their pledge to turn up to the polls for the 2015 federal Election. 


The Broadbent Institute has surveyed Canadian millennials about their attitudes to politics and political engagement in Canada. Take a look at the Millennial Dialogue Report here. 

Are you a youth focused organization looking for tools to better engage your participants this election? Check out Samara’s Vote Pop Up Tool Kit. Free for download here. Also worth a read, Samara's Message Not Delivered Report.