British Columbia 2013 Provincial Election Campaign: The Superficial Voting Society.


In the winter and spring of 2013, Apathy is Boring in partnership with Elections BC collaborated on a unique youth voter registration campaign. We worked with the BC based organization Get Your Vote On's 79 volunteers to conduct Street Teams at 51 events from January to May 14th 2013. The registration drive directly reached 10 000 youth. The data collected during this project allowed us to see how many people actually voted as a result of our campaigning. This unique undertaking marks the first time in Canada that data had been collected and analyzed this way. 

We also created an online campaign: "The Superficial Voting Society" as a fun way to encourage youth to vote. In the two weeks leading up to the election, the social media campaign used tongue-in-cheek messaging to mobilize young voters. The campaign depicted insignificant and superficial reasons to vote using the tagline "Your Reason is Your Reason. Just Vote."

Check out the video advertisement below:

This project was made possible by the support of:

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