As a national organization with a web-based community, Apathy is Boring works with volunteers in all places and at all levels – physically at our head office in Montreal and remotely with people across the country, doing tasks ranging from promotion and outreach at events to helping us with the inner workings at the office.

Some of the volunteer tasks include:

1.    Street teams:  We have found that face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to get young people to the polls. If you’re into doing outreach, we will provide you with some resources so that you can organize a street team in your community.

2.    Social media: We are always looking to generate new and exciting social media content. If you’re into graphic design, or scouring the Internet to create the next buzzfeed-worthy, funny democracy meme, you can contribute to our online presence. 

3.    Translation: We are always looking for people to translate content from English to French. 

4.    Donor research: If you have fundraising experience, you can help out with our fund development initiatives. 

5.    In office: If you are in the Montreal area, come in to the office and lend a hand. It’s always a good time.

6.    Youth engagement research: If you are passionate about civic engagement, youth engagement, and democracy, you can help us out with research. 

Take a look at some shots of our awesome volunteers on the ground: